How to install the freestanding tub fillers rough-in valve
Update time:2020-08-03
Easy install rough-in valve for the freestanding tub fillers, the best choice for your home! -Landonbath Your outstanding global bathtub faucets solution partner. /
Do you know the secret of the faucet industry?
Update time:2020-04-22
Most of us would like to know the other inductrys secrect,so that we could avoid the mistaken .Now lets begin to disclose the faucet secrect! Its a difficult topic for most of us to renew our bathroom ware.How to choose?Where to buy? As we
How to fill a large bathtub quickly?
Update time:2020-02-27
For those of you that havea large soaking bathtub, do you want to fill up the bathtub faster? A regular tub faucet might take a lot longer time to fill up the tub. In contrast, a high flow rate tub faucet can fill the tub more quickly. Reg
Something need to know when you choose a bathtub faucet
Update time:2020-01-08
Bathtub is a normal sanitary ware in the bathroom which is made of lots of accessories, and bathtub faucet is one of the important accessories. Bathtub faucet can be normally used to control the water and temperature, and there are many ki
Christmas Greeting Video
Update time:2019-12-23
Low cost video producing but with our sincere best wish for all of you!!! Landonbath wish you a happy Christmas holiday and the upcoming New Year. Remember to watch till the end, and you will find fun!! LOL Hoping: If you are happy, while
2020 KBIS LAS VEGAS Invitation
Update time:2019-12-16
Come and join us in 2020 KBIS! TheBoothNo.: South Hall #SU3203 Date: 21-23, Jan 2020 If you need further information, please let me know anytime.
What are the Benefits of Oxidized Black?
Update time:2019-11-07
Applying a black oxide finish offers many essential benefits to ensure smooth operations of equipment, devices, components and much more. Protection From Corrosion - When oiled or waxed, a black oxide finish helps to prevent corrosion. Thi
Built-In Full Shower Set
Update time:2019-09-24
Solid Brass Single Handle Built-In Square Concealed Faucet Shower Set For Bathroom Easily one of the most enjoyable parts of your daily routine, a good shower can invigorate and stimulate in equal measure. Manual mixer showers are easy to
126th Canton Fair Invitation - China (15-19,Oct 2019)
Update time:2019-09-23
Come and join us in 126th Canton Fair! TheBoothNo.: 10.1k 23 Date: 15-19, Oct 2019 If you need further information,please let me know anytime.
Floor Mounted Tub Filler Detail Improvement
Update time:2019-09-23
As we conducting marketing research to develop our existing product, we find out customers will complain the water dripping on the floor from the hand shower when shut off.This will greatly influence the result of customer experience on pr
Installation Instruction For The Floor Mounted Tub Faucet
Update time:2019-09-19
-More humanized and simple installation for bath fillers. -More easy, more simple. -360 Degree adjustment for direction if necessary. -Your Outstanding Bathtub Faucets Solution Partner By Landonbath SINCE 1993
Details of the Freestanding Tub Fillers
Update time:2019-07-05
Freestanding Tub Fillers Manufacturer, high quality floor mounted tub fillers factory-Your Outstanding Global Bathtub Faucet Solution Partner-Landonbath!
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