Do you know the secret of the faucet industry?
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Most of us would like to know the other inductry's secrect,so that we could avoid the mistaken .Now let's begin to disclose the faucet secrect!

It’s a difficult topic for most of us to renew our bathroom ware.How to choose?Where to buy?

As we all known,A good faucet is related family member’s health directly,but do you know,how to choose it?Here give you a super detail note for you.Hope this could help you.

①The time you may read this paper:5 Mins.

②If you would like to get the guidance of purchasing,please skip to the end.

1. The internal structure of faucet

Faucet could be divided into 3 parts,Body,Cartridge,surface and it just like human body,heart and appearance.It’s not waste your time to understand the structure ,After you knew about it,then you could compare this key points from different faucet.

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2. The material of faucet

Faucet is commonly made of brass,stainless steel,zinc alloy and so on.At present,brass is the mainstream material.We all known that brass material is not made of 100% fine brass,actually it’s brass alloy.

What’s more, good manufacturer will according to country’s standard to manufacture faucet,which means that faucet should included ≥ 59% brass,low lead (≤1.9%).

Some manufacturers will claimed their faucet is 100% fine brass and its price is below 20 $ .

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Attention , fine brass is kind of soft metal,it’s hardly to cut and to be a shape.According to international copper price. A ton of copper could be reached to 9,700 $.So if according to the country’s standard,the cost of cartridge,aerator,labor,water and electricity and so on.It all lead to the normal brass faucet could not be lower to 20 $.

At all,Many of the so-called "all-copper" faucets on the market are second-hand recycled copper or included seriously excessive lead.

3. “5 ply plating ” or “3 ply plating”?

Normally speaking,good faucet has outstanding polished plating effect,its surface could delight the bathroom’s level.

About plating,Many manufacturer like to advertise ply of plating,3 ply plating and 5 ply plating are common use in the treatment.That will make client feel 5 ply plating is better than 3 ply plating.But actually not!

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Simply speaking,5 ply plating is have to choose because of the recycled brass quality and the flaw of treatment.However,most of manufacturer use this as a selling point to cheat their client.

Let me summarize this article on how to choose A++ quality faucet!

1. Sample checking .
2. At least 5 years warranty.
3. Certificates at your country.
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