Something need to know when you choose a bathtub faucet
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Bathtub is a normal sanitary ware in the bathroom which is made of lots of accessories, and bathtub faucet is one of the important accessories. Bathtub faucet can be normally used to control the water and temperature, and there are many kinds of those in the sanitary ware market, so the question how to choose a suitable bathtub faucet for the bathroom should be considered. 

  • Kinds of bathtub faucets

The faucets for bathtub mainly include freestanding bathtub faucet, wall-mounted bathtub faucet, desk-mounted bathtub faucet and massage bathtub faucet.


1. Freestanding bathtub faucet:

Also be named floor-mounted faucet in many countries, often used to match the bathtub. It can be install around the bathtub wherever you want and looks elegant. So there are more and more models and colors appear in the sanitary ware market due to the convenient to use of freestanding bathtub faucets



2. Wall-mounted bathtub faucet:

Often used to match the holes prepared, which are common kinds of bathtub faucets at present. It also with many models in the market and is widely used in the world.





3. Desk-mounted bathtub faucet:

Some people may confuse freestanding bathtub faucet with desk-mounted bathtub faucet, but they are completely different while desk-mounted bathtub faucet is used to install on the edge of the bathtub as a whole, normally with two feet.




4. Massage bathtub faucet:

Normally be made of more than two pieces that match the quantities of holes on the edge of the bathtub. Generally includes spout, hot and cold handles, diverter and hand shower.

  • Materials

The raw materials of faucets will affect our daily usage, and there is no doubt that the most common raw material we can find in the market is brass. Due to the features of brass, brass bathtub faucets are rustless, durable, antioxidative and also has a bactericidal effect on water, with the technology of brass bathtub faucets are mature gradually nowadays, they have captured the majority of consumer market. 

  • Cartridge

The quality of cartridge is important, especially for the temperature control faucets. Faucets with bad quality cartridge will cause the temperature and water flow rate instability when used.
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