What are the Benefits of Oxidized Black?
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Applying a black oxide finish offers many essential benefits to ensure smooth operations of equipment, devices, components and much more. 

Protection From Corrosion - When oiled or waxed, a black oxide finish helps to prevent corrosion. This protection from corrosion can be vital for error-free functioning, providing reliable and long lasting use.

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A High Quality, Black Appearance - For discretion, essential functioning and more, sometimes your metal needs to feature a black appearance. Black oxide provides a high quality black aesthetic. Black oxide offers a durable way to make a metal black, avoiding chipping and other forms of corrosion that can occur from other blackening methods. 

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Dimensional Stability - A black oxide finish is extremely thin, providing 10 millionths of an inch at maximum to the dimensions of your metal. This minuscule addition does not effectively change your metal's dimensions, providing the benefits of a black oxide finish while maintaining your intended function and appearance.

Common Applications for Black Oxide

Black oxide is used in a variety of industries and applications. From providing the appearance and corrosion resistance needed on the battlefield, to essential functioning for medical and surgical tools and much more, black oxide is a versatile metal finish.

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