Choose An Elegant And Interesting Clawfoot Tub Faucet
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       Clawfoot tubs have long been associated with classic charm and elegance. In old movies, these were the type of bathtubs that beautiful women took baths in to be alluring. Over the last twenty years, clawfoot tubs seemed to have left the bathroom scene; however, they are making a comeback into modern bathrooms everywhere. If you are one of the many people who are considering a clawfoot tub for their bathroom, then you need to remember an additional detail, which is the clawfoot tub faucet.

       Unlike a standard bathtub, the clawfoot tub faucet is not installed in the tile wall behind (or in front of, depending on how you view it) the bathtub. Instead, the faucet is installed directly into the tub; although, it is still called a wall mounted faucet. Fortunately, just like any other type of tub faucet, you can get the clawfoot tub faucet in any type of style that you love. It does not matter if you want a modern look or you want a classic look, you will be able to suit your style and needs.

       There are other options for your faucet that you might want to consider, beyond traditional clawfoot faucets. For example, there is the gooseneck faucet. This arches over the top of the clawfoot tub. The beauty in this design is that a curved arch creates an elegant and classic look or the squared arch creates a very modern and clean design, allowing you to choose the most suitable look for your bathroom style. What's more, the gooseneck faucet is less common than the traditional "wall mounted" option, ensuring that you have a more unique look for your bathroom.

       You also have the option of freestanding faucet system for your clawfoot bathtub. This is another unique way to display your clawfoot tub faucet. If a person wants several faucets for their clawfoot tub, often their first choice will be to have them mounted elsewhere, either freestanding or in the wall next to the tub, so that they do not drill multiple holes into the tub. Installing the faucet into the wall beside the tub allows those of you who enjoy soaking in the tub to do so without having to be mindful of hitting the faucet. What's more, the faucet is closer to hand reach if you want to add more water while bathing.

       A clawfoot tub is a beautiful addition to any style of bathroom. Why not make it more interesting by adding a great faucet to the mix?
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